Wednesday, March 30, 2011

World View China

I am honored to be traveling to China as part of a sister school exchange program coordinated by the China Exchange Initiative. Throughout my travels I’ll be representing the students of Schuylkill Valley School District and Berks County Intermediate Unit. My destinations include Xian, Beijing, and most importantly Shijiazhuang, where I will shadow Dr. Lou Yanguo, Vice Principal for Academics at Shijiazhuang No.1 High School. It is here that I’ll have the pleasure of meeting students, teachers, and school leaders to better understand the similarities and differences in our educational systems and to establish student and teacher exchange programs. While in Shijiazhuang, I’ll be staying in the home of Dr. Lou and his wife Meixi. Just imagine, I’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of living in China. I can’t wait!!!  Please join me on my journey as I view China!