Friday, April 8, 2011

4/8/11 Xi'an

It's spring in Xi'an! The sun is shining and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom - quite a change from the windy and rainy weather we experienced  in PA this past week.

 Xi'an is the oldest town (5000 years) in China and has a population of  8 million people. Considered the birthplace of  China, it served as the capital for 1000 years. It is surrounded by the City Wall which was built during the Ming Dynasty (1370)  to protect the city from invaders.  It is a beautiful  brick wall surrounded by a moat and lined with large watch and bell towers.  At the wall entrance we were treated to an excellent drum and guard performance. One of the highlights of the day was surviving a bike ride along the perimeter of the top of the wall which is about 12 miles long. Other activities included a hot pot lunch - where we cooked our own food in boiling water and a trip to the Shaanxi History Museum where we saw artifacts from the Qin, Hang, and Tang Dynasties. We look forward  to a dumpling banquet and dance performance this evening!

outside Shaanix History Museum

Hot Pot Lunch

Bell Tower, Xi'an City Wall

riding a bike made for two!

Xi'an City Wall

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